You can rely on Eya Clean Pro to clean your car from the inside and outside. Using 350 ml per 1 liter when cleaning it from the inside (car brushes). To clean the car from outside, it can be used with a lower concentration of up to 10% of the product while mixing it with water.

Cars are always exposed to various environmental factors that lose their cleanliness and luster, but cleaning them from the outside and the inside is a necessity and an important thing at the same time. With Eya Clean Pro the cleaning process will be more effective and easier.

Eya Clean Pro helps you clean the car exterior by removing dirt, impurities and oils.

To polish the windows and mirrors of the car, we use a clean cloth and spray it with the product, in addition to cleaning the car engine from the dust collected on it and the sediments sticking to the inner walls of the engine.

The wheels of the car can also be cleaned effectively.

From the inside, Eya Clean Pro also has the ability to remove stubborn stains on car seats by applying the product directly to them, thus returning the colors of the interior upholstery to its elegance, whether the material is leather or cloth.