Eya Clean Pro strong ingredient that contains the antibacterial feature helps in cleaning and sterilizing bathrooms surfaces effectively.
In addition, it has the ability to clean ceramic and marble, without affecting it or causing corrosion. The continues using will keep all surfaces shining.

Eya Clean Pro meets effectiveness, sterilization and safety at the same time. It can be used in many places with great effectiveness. It has the ability to disinfect and clean bathrooms and all its sets and accessories.

Eya Clean Pro has a special effect on porcelain, since it is considered as one of the shiny glass materials that need special care, and it does not add any odors after finishing the cleaning process.

It can be used in the process of cleaning ceramics, by applying it directly and wiping it with a cloth or by reducing its concentration with water, it removes all stains and dirt from ceramics effectively, saving effort and fatigue.

In addition to its power removing stains, rust, limescale and all the sediments stuck on the water faucets in the sinks and other places of the bathrooms, do not forget the shine that it gives to all bathroom accessories.

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