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Eya Clean Pro has a vision of becoming a world-class cleaning supplies company providing high-quality products all around the world.

Eya Clean Pro company was established in 2018, in Ankara, main office, Turkey.

Our mission is to maintain high quality of safe and effective products, as well as guarantee the highest profit to our dealers and success partners.

We take pride in our approach which is based on total understanding of the current changes of the international market and the needs of the consumers followed by those changes. Our well-defined marketing, selling, and distribution system makes facing today’s hygiene safety challenges manageable easy.

Success demands commitment and a sustainable approach.
Our products are environmentally friendly, our approach is economically progressive.

We are very serious to keep


We make sure to work on


We always stands for


Our company has developed a unique dealership system that guarantees the highest profit to our dealers besides maintaining the stability of the products’ markets.

We Are Here As One Hand

Heartistes to…. success

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