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All-purpose and antibacterial cleaner

Eya Clean Pro is an all-purpose cleaner to be the first in the world as a product extracted from herbs and natural ingredients under the supervision of our best experts.

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ايــاكلـين برو | Eya Clean Pro

The Eya Clean Pro is a natural all-purpose cleaner, its formula is extracted from organic ingredients (free of any harmful chemicals), our mission is to ensure high quality as well as effectiveness for the sake of the safety of the consumers.

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Eya Clean dealers community has been a successful network since the start and will continue providing all support and more advantages to Eya Clean Pro Dealers.

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“Eya Clean Pro” for nature

Eya Clean Pro for smooth and safe cleaning.

We have an innovative natural formula that differentiates it from all other cleaning materials available in the market. We take pride in our dynamic approach which is based on a deep understanding of the target market and consumer needs.

“Eya Clean Pro” for you!

Eya Clean Pro is a brand committed to continuity

Eya Clean Pro presents community members with the opportunity to learn about their options as well as engage in sustainability practices to always meet the customers’ needs.

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Trust Is Needed Every Where, Make Sure To Trust The Nature First.

EyaClean Pro More Than Cleaner.


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The only cleaning product you need: Use it anywhere

Eya Clean Pro is a multi-purpose cleaner and can be used anywhere, here are some examples;

You can confidently use Eya Clean Pro in all parts of the house, it has the certificate of the Ministry of Health and it is also internationally certified and approved to be safe. You can use it in the children’s room, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, also for upholstery, curtains, and many other household needs.

being a multi-purpose cleaner, Eya Clean Pro is used for special purposes on different places of the house and can be applied on all surfaces.

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Eya Clean Pro cleans all kinds of stains and soil from carpets and rugs without affecting the colours or causing any damage to the fabric.

Eya Clean Pro cleans all kinds of stains and soil from carpets and rugs without affecting the colours or causing any damage to the fabric. 

Eya Clean Pro is for hard stains on upholstery like chocolate, ink, oil and nail polish, etc. You can also add one cup of the product to the washing machine for better results.

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Eya Clean Pro is an antibacterial product that cleans and sanitizes bathrooms. It doesn’t cause any damage if used on any type of surfaces especially glass and ceramics. Eya Clean Pro leaves faucets clean and glowing.

Apply Eya Clean Pro directly on ceramics then clean it with a piece of cloth or add water for more general cleaning.

Eya Clean Pro is also used for removing rust and hard water and soap scum. It leaves bathroom surfaces clean and glowing.

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Eya Clean Pro cleans the interior and the exterior of the cars, use 350 ml per 1 liter to clean the car seats, to clean the exterior use with a concentration of less than 10% of the product while mixing it with water.

Do you think that your car’s dull and grubby appearance is normal? That what happens when you neglect the dirt and damage on the vehicle for so long. Eya Clean Pro eliminates excess dust, oil, and salt that have built up on your car’s exterior surface in the past. Forget about bird lime, water spots, tar, bugs and sap.

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Eya Clean Pro cleans all machines in hospitals, factories, and workplaces without causing any damage on any surface. Eya Clean Pro has proven the ability to clean and sterilize equipment and machines by eliminating germs and bacteria and limiting their further spread.

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ISO/IEC 27701:2019, EyaClean Pro
ISO 45001:2018, EyaClean Pro
ISO 9001:2015, EyaClean Pro
ISO 19432:2015, EyaClean Pro
ISO/IEC 27001:2013, EyaClean Pro
ISO 22000:2005, EyaClean Pro
ISO 13485:2016, EyaClean Pro
ISO 14001:2015, EyaClean Pro